I/We, __________________________________________________ the owner of the vehicle in the form irrevocably authorises and direct Mycar Claims Pty Ltd (ABN 13 648 808 253) to act on my behalf in relation to the recovery of the cost incurred by me due to my traffic collision matter. 

In relation to assist with my claim, I authorise Mycar Claims Pty Ltd and the solicitors they engage to: 

Act on my behalf as my agents in assigning recovery agents. 

Or legal representatives in relation to and with respect to the claim herein. 

➢ Provide and receive all the supporting documents on my behalf. 

Finalise a cost agreement on my behalf. 

Communicate with other relevant parties and respond on my behalf. 

Appoint in settlement discussions with other parties, lawyers, subrogated insurers, or any other parties with respect to the settlement of the claim as outlined in the form attached herein. 

➢ To make decisions as to settlement and any incidental matters in effecting settlement. 

Engage any expert or assessor to assist with my claim. 

Inform and further commence legal proceedings should the need arise. 

Collect and pay settlement monies on my behalf and as directed by the credit repairer whose details are outlined in the form attached herein. 

I confirm that I will fully cooperate with all reasonable enquiries and requests of Mycar Claims Pty Ltd in a timely manner and I will not negotiate with any insurance companies, individuals, businesses, solicitors, or any other interested entity nor admit liability throughout the duration of my claim. 

I confirm that I fully understand this Authority to Act.